1. Characterising rectifiable metric spaces using tangent spaces
  2. Cheeger’s differentiation theorem via the multilinear Kakeya inequality (with I. Kangasniemi and T. Orponen).
  3. Quantitative absolute continuity of planar measures with two independent Alberti representations (with T. Orponen).
  4. Purely unrectifiable metric spaces and perturbations of Lipschitz functions.
  5. On the conformal dimension of product measures (with T. Orponen).
  6. The Besicovitch-Federer projection theorem is false in every infinite dimensional Banach space (with M. Csörnyei and B. Wilson).
  7. Differentiability and Poincaré-type inequalities in metric measure spaces (with S. Li).
  8. Characterizations of rectifiable metric measure spaces (with S. Li).
  9. Structure of measures in Lipschitz differentiability spaces.
  10. Differentiability, porosity and doubling in metric measure spaces (with G. Speight).